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Construction Hoist NY

The purpose of a construction hoist is to provide the means for safe, efficient vertical transportation of construction workers, inspectors, materials and construction equipment at your construction site. In NY, the most reliable source of construction hoists equipment and information is All–Safe, LLC.

Provided by our company, construction hoists in NY come in two main configurations: single car and double car. Depending on the specific make and model of the construction hoist you may select, our New York construction hoists can lift up to seven thousand pounds of load per car, of up to twelve feet in length. Our construction hoists are the most durable, lowe energy consumption, high performance construction hoists you can find in NY. They are equipped with base enclosures for the improved workers safety.

Among the brands of the construction hoists we make available to New York construction sites are such popular types of hoisting equipment as Alimac (specifically, the new FC series), Champion Hoists, and many others.

Our licensed, highly trained engineering and techincal design staff will provide the complete set of construction hoist engineering services, ranging from the correct placement of the construction hoist on your NY work site, to configuring the hoist, calculating the physical forces involved in the operation of the hoisting equipment at your specific site, and varios possible solutions to the specific site challenges. Our engineers bring you the results of their work in the form of fully developed, easy to understand application drawings that will include the data on engineering analysis of the possible ways to implement the correct hoisting equipment on your specific NY construction site. Our structural engineers wil also design the custom bracing devices (tie-ins) to secure the construction hoist to the structure being erected or renovated.

We're called All-Safe, and not coincidentally, we consider the safety of operating construction hoisting equipment in New York our foremost priority. Our certification policy is strict and we address every safety issue and every safety method necessary to provide unprecedented level of safety in operating a construction hoist in NY. We conduct the most thorough and detailed inspections of every structure element of a construction hoist prior to erecting it, and we conduct regular on-site inspections to control the safety of the procedures in operating the equipment. The safety of dismantling our temporary construction equipment is also among our top priorities.

We will determine custom construction hoist solutions, transport the parts to your construction site, design and fabricate the foundation, erect the hoists, test the loads, organize the maintenance, and will also dismantle and remove the hoist safely.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about setting up a construction hoist at your NY site: 718-389-9400.

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One of our largest construction hoist projects in NY: College Point Boulevard 3-hoist construction job. The first hoist features a 40 feet offset and starts at the 6th floor level. The second hoist is characterized by the floor extensions to account for balconies; the third photo featured here is the same second hoist at a different angle.

Construction Hoist NY 1

Construction Hoist NY 2

Construction Hoist NY 3

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